Saturday, November 1, 2008

Working on a Table Runner

My Learning Fiber Arts Yahoo Group just had a class on making a quilt as you go table runner. I did not do it as a "quilt as you go" project, however. I made it in the traditional way of creating the top and then quilting it. At this point I have the top made and pinned and ready to quilt. I am not crazy about the quilt as you go technique. I have used it before when I made a vest years ago and I prefer creating the top and then quilting it. I really loved this pattern and wanted to make this beautiful table runner even if I did not follow the rules for the class.

I was working on it yesterday while I had someone putting new windows in my house. I was so distracted by all the hammering that I washed one of my blue fabrics and set it aside. When I sewed on the blue braids I forgot to include the washed fabric. Upon reaching the end of the blue braids I realized that I had 7 greens, but only 6 blues. I didn't think too much about it and added a really dark blue to as the last blue braid. After I sewed on the borders and fused the sunflower in place I found the fabric I did not include.

I debated about tearing out some of the top and putting in the fabric that I had originally planned to use. After consulting my yahoo group I decided to leave it as it is and move on to quilting it. I will be a Christmas gift for someone in my family. Yes, I am starting early this year. Usually I wait until Thanksgiving, but this year there is not a lot of time from Thanksgiving to Christmas because Thanksgiving is so late. I have several projects to make so I am starting early. Hope my motivation keeps going and I am not finishing things on Christmas Eve.

In addition to making a quilt for my Dad and my husband, I have to make an ornament for my daughter. She is now 19 years old so this will be the 20th ornament that I will be making for her. I have made one for her every Christmas since she was born in 1989. Maybe I will write some posts about all the ornaments. Some years I have been working on the ornament on Christmas Eve, but I have never gone any later than that and never missed a year.

If you want a good yahoo group to join check out Learning Fiber Arts. It is a fantastic group that I found it after I was kicked out of another yahoo quilting group. I guess they did not like me in that group! They cut me out without even an explanation. Initially it really hurt my feelings that I was thrown out, but it made me look into other groups to join and now I belong to about 6 groups. Learning Fiber Arts is wonderful and the members are much friendlier and more helpful than the group I was ejected from. Our moderator, Shirley is wonderful and very talented. She has been an inspiration to me. We have lots going on in the group with many free classes and opportunities to learn new things. Ever since I joined I have become obsessed with quilting. I am cranking out one project after another. I am even going to teach a class next summer for the group!


  1. Thanks for the kind words about our Learningfa (fiberarts) group. You are a great addition to our group and I think it is that guild's LOSS.

    I have been looking at your blog and it is great. I am so glad you joined us, and that you are enjoying our group. Thanks again, Shirley

  2. Hi Chris! This is Skye from LikeMindedArtist..I first wanted to say that I think your piece is awesome..Plus, I have a passion for Celtic Music and your Anvil quilt is adorable...By the way, I was also kicked out of a quilting group and I was devastated..Never did know what happened but the pre-written message just said they have a choice to keep who they want and let go who they want and there is to be nothing more to say..It took me a while before I was reading to jump in..So I'm glad to see you aboard...Looking forward to sharing..

  3. I can't believe that I am not the only one that was tossed out of a quilt group. I never got any kind of message though. I just went to sign on one day and the group was not in my list of yahoo groups. I thought yahoo had a glitch and I asked to be put back in the group. After a week of waiting I got the message that I was rejected for membership. Oh well I have moved on and found better groups. We will have to share notes on Celtic music. I look forward to getting to know you and the other Like Minded Artists!

  4. I agree with you. I am not so good at "quilt as you go" projects. Love your blog, I will be back. :-)


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