Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Working on Postcards Again

I am busy working on some postcards for an exchange again. Since I am fascinated by lightning I decided to to a postcard showing a desert lightning storm. I enjoyed using silver metallic thread to do the lightning bolt.

I always get a bit nervous during a thunderstorm since our house has been hit by lightning two times. I usually unplug my sewing machine and the computer. I would hate to have either one of those damaged. The last time we were hit (about 5 years ago) my daughter and I smelled something strange after the strike. I thought maybe we had fire in one of our walls. We called the fire company and were told to get out of the house. I did not think there was any immediate danger and I ran around the house grabbing all of my valuable quilts. My daughter grabbed the cat and the hamster. Turns out the smell was a melted VCR and not a fire in our walls.



  1. I love the postcard. Having never had to experience lightning striking anywhere near, I can't imagine the horror. Glad you were all safe - but twice?

  2. Love the postcard Chris. We have been hit by lightning a couple of times too. Lost a few small alarm clocks and a VCR.

  3. That's a beautiful postcard! I'm glad you haven't had any serious damage from those lightening strikes!

  4. The postcard is very pretty. We watched lightening strike last weekend :)

    I'm not taking your class but I am having a good time following along. Looking forward to seeing all the masterpieces !!!

  5. I was a LUCKY receiver of your lightning postcard, Thank you Chris for making me such a wonderful card. I am a little intimated by being a swap partner with you but..... i choose to be in your group. I want to stretch my talent and I think when I am swapping with people who have so much talent... Deb tries harder and experiments more with different fibers that makes me think outside my comfort zone.
    Again thank your for a beautifully made card and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will love mine too.


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