Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time to Make the Ornament

Now that Thanksgiving has passed it is time to make an ornament for my daughter.  I have made her an ornament every year since she was born in 1989.  This year is ornament #21. At the beginning I made ornaments from patterns made by companies such as Butterick, McCall’s and Simplicity.  Ten years ago the ideas from these companies ran dry since most of what they offered was made of felt and glued together.  Since I am a sewer/quilter I don’t really like ornaments made this way.
So I had to start designing my own ornaments.  After all the ones that I made from patterns it was not so hard beginning to creating my own.  We love the Tim Burton animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” so I decided to start making ornaments based on the characters from the film.  So far I have made Jack, Sally, and the Mayor.  This year will be the villain Oogie Boogie. 
I was checking Joann’s fabric site to see it they have the fabric that I need to make Oogie Boogie, but they seem to be down this weekend.  I guess all the traffic to their site caused a major computer meltdown for them.  Maybe I will stop in the store this week to see if they have what I need. 
I am also going to make kitty tents for our 2 kitties.  So I better get moving on these projects.  I have always had the ornament done before Christmas.  I don’t want to mess up my perfect record.

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