Friday, September 7, 2012

Astronomy In My Quilts

When I started making quilts more than 25 years ago I found that I was drawn to star quilts.  One of my favorite topics to teach in Astronomy is about stars.  Is there a connection?
This is one of my first quilts called “Denise’s Quilt.” I made this quilt about 25 years ago, but  gave this quilt to my SIL a few years ago because she loved it so much.
me and quilt
This one is called “Midnight Stars.” Tons of hand quilting in it.
Midnight stars
This one is called “Blended Stars” and was hung for the first time last Christmas.

This Halloween quilt called “Trick or Treat” has a sky full of stars. It has the Moon as well.
Trick or Treat1
Trick or Treat5
My “Tribute to van Gogh” also had stars in the sky. I love his Starry Night painting.

Of course there are plenty of star quilts I made that I gave away and do not have photos of. I also made several quilts with the Moon in them. This one is called “Call of the Wild” and it has a large image of the full  Moon in it.

Another quilt with the Moon in is is “Under a Purple Moon.” 
I have done a few quilts showing the winter season when we are tilted away from the Sun. I really don’t like winter, but find I am drawn to making quilts that show that season.
This is “California Dreaming.”
california dreaming
california dreaming2  
“Midwinter Visitor'” is my most recent quilt showing winter trees.

This is a postcard I made also showing winter.
My latest challenge quilt shows an abstract interpretation of the surface of the Sun. It is called “Granulation.”

Even the dinosaur quilt that I made my daughter when she was very young had suns in the blocks with the dinosaurs. This quilt is called “T.Rex and Others, Too.”
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  1. WOW there are some fantastic quilts there Chris...I think the cardinal is my favourite with the blended stars coming in second...maybe its the "red" that attracts me...LOL
    Hugs Khris


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