Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yes I do that once in a while. Now I am leaning toward doing the wind turbines and have been playing with it. Sometimes it helps to post it on my blog so I can see all the sketches lined up in a row. For some reason I can see issues more clearly on the computer screen.

My original crop and sketch.

windturbinescropped   Oct_CS_sketch1

My modified sketch after E’s comments.

Oct_CS_original modified

Now those two blades that come together could be an issue.








I decided to crop the original photo to include the wind turbine with the blade that E did not like. Here is the new crop and I did a series of sketches with and without horizon lines. The first 2 are without an horizon. One has a light background and one has a dark one.

Oct_CS_no horizon

Oct_CS_no horizon dark

Now for different horizons…one low, one high.

Oct_CS_low horizon

Oct_CS_high horizon

So more to ponder. At least now I can see them all together to make a decision on where to go with this. Please chime in if you want.

Edit added:

I literally cut and pasted some of the sketches together to get this arrangement. I think this one might have potential with a little tweaking. I have to walk away from this for a few days.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I agree that taking away the offending blade did not work on the top sketch. And I think the solution of adding in more of that wind turbine works. As to horizon, I think without works best--more focus on the wind turbines, but if you really want a horizon line in, the lower one.

    I like white blades against a dark background, but not sure that dark is the mood you would want for the piece.

  2. I actually liked the large diagonal blade you removed from the original sketch. It suggested to me another wind turbine even closer to the viewer, which I thought gave the overall design a little more depth. Having said that, I like the first of your 4 new sketches the best of all - light background, no horizon.


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