Friday, January 16, 2015

Jelly roll Friday

I have mainly been cleaning this week getting our house ready to sell in February. I am pretty exhausted since the house has not been cleaned this well for a while. I guess I would rather quilt!

I have been taking some breaks from the cleaning to work on a jelly roll kit for a lap sized quilt. The strips are very colorful gradated fabrics. I have never made a jelly roll quilt before and it was nice having the strips cut out already. One issue I had with it is that the edges of the strips are pinked and I have a hard time judging the seam allowance. I would prefer a straight edge cut. I am not sure what is the norm since I have never bought a jelly roll before.

This is all I have to show:

Long dark strips run between the rows of blocks. You see them as white right now. It is weird working from a kit after the master class last year. Somehow I feel like I am cheating….






I will have to postpone Weather Monday on the 19th since I will be away visiting my dad.

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Thanks for reading….back to cleaning.


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  1. Interesting problem about the pinked edges. I don't think I would like to sew precise seams with pinked edges since I'm not such a great precision sewer to begin with.


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