Friday, March 6, 2015

Circling the wagons…..

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I can’t seem to settle on working on anything. Not matter what I think will be something that I can sink my teeth into it turns out it is not.

I feel like I lost my sewing mojo or that I am going in circles. It is like reading the same page over and over again in a book and not getting anywhere. Maybe the book is not that interesting….





Is it this winter that is killing all my motivation? I suppose it could be. We just had more snow yesterday. After shoveling for 2 hours I am just too tired to do anything creative. I am really tired of the snow and cold.






Or maybe it is the stress of selling our house. I can’t ever really make a mess in my sewing room since someone might want to come by to look at the house. And we all know what our sewing rooms can look like when we are creating. I was going to dye some fabric, but that is too messy as well.

Or is it that I am trying to adjust to being retired? Yes…. retired, selling our house and building another house. Maybe too much stress all at the same time?

Or am I just burned out after several years of creating non stop?

Whatever it is it has me bummed out. I want to get back into something….anything…but everything I try does not interest me. That’s why I feel like I am circling.

I did decide to pin and quilt the lap quilt that I made back in January. My heart is not in doing this either, but I am plugging away at it. I hate trying to quilt something that large on my machine, but I did not feel like sending it out.

I did not even feel like writing my weather blog last Monday.

Well back to the machine quilting.


I think I will go to a quilt show on Sunday and hope that it revives my creative spirit.

Do you have creative slumps? How do you get out of them?

Thanks for reading and your suggestions.



  1. I'm in a minor slump on recovery from cellulitis that took me out of commission for a good two weeks. Finally getting back into a routine but no fresh ideas -- even with EB's new assignment tugging at me! Thinking about NOT thinking...just playing with strings.

  2. I feel this way right now too, just too overwhelmed with work and the kids take on anything else. Usually sewing is a break but it just feels too daunting right now!

  3. One would think those bright colors in the lap quilt would perk you up, but I get it that nothing is working right now.

    Funny you should post that picture about the lost mojo. Would you believe I'd never heard that expression until I saw that movie?


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