Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More progress

The top is pieced and the appliqué in the center is fused and stitched. I still have to fuse down the appliqué in the border and stitch it.

Boy I hate patterns that do not get things right. I realized after I marked where the vines and leaves go in the border the person that wrote the pattern did not have things centered. So I had to shift things a little when I positioned the pieces. Love how the pieces stick in place with Steam a seam so you can put it on a design wall to see how things look and the pieces do not fall off.



Do you see anything that looks weird in the border? Just thought I’d ask before I fuse things down.I noticed that she did not create borders that are perfectly symmetrical.  I am not going to change that.

While working on this I decided that I am going to machine quilt this. Too many seams to deal with for hand quilting. I have an Hawaiian quilt that I can work on while living with my MIL. I hate to admit how long ago I started it! I am only 1/4 of the way done with the appliqué so that should keep me busy for a while. I will have to remember how to do needle turn appliqué.

Thought I would post some pictures of my sewing room. The photos are going counterclockwise around the room. I think I will miss this room a bit when we move. However, I think my new room is a little bigger.


Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh my....I should have guessed that your sewing room would be so neat. (I realize partly because the house was prepared for showings). My goodness; my room has never looked so neat.
    Your quilt is beautiful. I like it!
    NancyB in AZ

  2. The borders look fine although I was checking both sides. I admire your work on this one. I wouldn't have chosen it. Is your house sold or still being shone?

  3. Hi Chris,
    Couldn't tell there was any asymmetry in the borders. Sometimes photographs make such things less obvious! ;-) I can see why you'll miss your room. I hope that, larger or not, your new room will be well laid out.

  4. Yes that is an odd way to design a border. If it were me, the pots would have been at the bottom and the lower vine shortened accordingly. But this arrangement gives a more casual feel that actually puts some life into the otherwise staid design. It looks lovely.

    And yes, I can hardly bare to view those pics of your neat as a pin spacious studio...envious!


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