Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy days are here again?

Well finally some good news…our daughter and her boyfriend bought a condo in Boston yesterday. They are so excited. What am I thinking about?  I wonder what kinds of quilts she will want for the walls! The space is a small loft so they are thinking of having a designer in to help them figure out what kind of furniture to get and how to divide up and utilize the limited amount of space. One of the walls is the original brick and the space looks very industrial which is what they like. It is nice to have a distraction from the septic stuff. At this rate she will be moving before we do!

I have some rust dyeing set up. I think I will wait at least another day before I wash it out. My husband wants to get rid of all the rusty things he saved for me before we move so I had to get this done. I can’t wait to see what the fabric looks like.





The snaps are on my overnight bag and I can now say it is completely done. I did get the snap setter and was still having issues setting the snaps until I called them and I was putting in one of the pieces backwards….yikes old age is catching up to me! I ended up having to use the snap setter as well as my snap pliers. Things went in very smoothly now that I know what I am doing and wasted about 10 snaps.



My repro quilt is waiting to be pinned or spray basted and quilted.






Now to go for a walk on this beautiful day.

Thanks for reading.


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