Friday, October 9, 2015

Lots going on….maybe

I did get the curtains hemmed.

In our living room…. Yes we got a big TV hung by the Geek Squad. My husband thought about doing it, but I convinced him to let the professionals do it.

In our bedroom….


I sewed a sleeve on the bottom of this gees bend quilt that I made years ago to keep it hanging flat. I have been meaning to do it for several years…finally done.  I have a few more antique bears that are still packed somewhere. I hate not knowing where they are and not having everything in place…








New arrangement of energy series. Sheila recommended that I move the blue one toward the center. I think I have to leave one turbine quilt out. Plus it was bound rather than faced. Is this arrangement better?





I have been rethinking what I will work on when I finally can get back to working. Now I am thinking about the blue abstract that I designed earlier this year in EB’s class.


I was going to dye the blues, but not so sure how that will work in my current very small laundry room.







L.Indigo I am thinking of buying hand dyed fabrics from Cherrywood fabrics to make it. I am thinking about the light to indigo gradation. I think I will buy black from them as well. Do you think a gradation of 8 will work for this?







After not being creative for so long I am finding it hard to get back into making something. I hope to get out of my slump soon.

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  1. Good to hear from you on the progress being made in your new home. Looking good!
    NancyB in Az

  2. I like the turbine arrangement very much. As for the blues...I use zip-lock bags for my low-water immersion process with Procion MX dyes. If you dilute your dye fluid appropriately (or mix different strengths) you will likely succeed in getting a series of different blue values. However, if you don't want to mess around...go for the purchased hand-dyes. They're lovely and even if you decide not to use all 8, you will likely find a place for them somewhere else. The key is just to make a start, even if it's just pre-washing and ironing your fabrics. Once you begin to handle your supplies, I'll bet your 'mojo' will be activated. :-)

  3. I do think the quilt arrangement looks more balanced now. If nothing else, you have the blue windmills facing the black ones now. I think you could even add the 5th one over the one on the right, maybe shifting it and the landscape oriented one below it down a bit. It would create a downward angle along the top that might be interesting. However, since you say it is finished differently than the rest, it might be best to give it its own spot somewhere else. Such a strong group of quilts!

    The curtains look great and I couldn't help thinking about a commercial currently running where the big screen tv comes crashing off the wall after the husband installs it. Yes, best to let the pros do it and then they can be responsible for any fallout!

    I really like your version of a Gee's Bend quilt and how you've hung it with the rocking chair and bears in front. And yes, I know the unsettled feeling knowing you have other things you want out but don't know where they are. Moving is a challenge! After 3 years I still have a few unpacked boxes that MUST contain a few items I haven't seen since moving. It's just that I'm not in a rush to get at the other things that I KNOW are in those boxes. Once I crack the lid, I'll have to do something about them. ;-)

    As for your project, yes, I think those 8 gradations would be plenty, and if you go with Cherrywoods, by all means, bet their black too. I have some of their black that was in a pack of pink to dark plum gradation and it is nothing like I dye myself. I agree with Margaret, you just have to start somewhere, with the most mundane part if necessary, and it should all come back in a whoosh - voice of experience here!

    As for a space to dye - I have NO laundry room - just a nook barely big enough for the washer and dryer to squeeze into with accordion doors to hide it. What I DO have is a metal cart in the garage where I can mix my dyes and set up the containers for the dye bath. The rest of the processing happens at the kitchen sink. Where there's a will, there's a way...


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