Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lions, tigers, and bears..

OH MY! And zebras, alligators, and elephants, too.  Our Noah’s Arc has 19 pairs of animals.


As well as Noah and his wife.













Even a separate boat for skunks….







We even did our cats….









We made this from a pattern we found in a book. It was a lot of work for my husband cutting out all of these pieces and then I had to paint them. And they are painted on both sides. And yes there are lions, tigers, and bears.







On a quilty note I cut out the blue squares for the abstract quilt. It is supposed to be a gradation, but to me some of the fabrics in the sequence look the same. I guess that happens with gradations. I also cut out some “white” since I think the design has some white blocks. Or maybe they are just pale blue. I guess I will see when I lay out the blocks with the black background.


Thanks for reading.


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  1. Have you got one of those "Ruby Beholder" tools? Might help you with those gradiants...or grey-scale your photo...Just a thought! :-)


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