Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What a relief

The quilt for my MIL is finished except for a sleeve and label. She asked for a quilt for Christmas. I do love how people ask for quilts. At least she did not specify what kind of quilt. My husband voted for a traditional quilt which was good since I made this top from a kit earlier this year. I bought the kit before I started making art quilts and decided to make it this year while we were selling our house. It was good to have something that was contained to work on so that my sewing room did not get out of control while showing the house. The blog about the quilt is here. I was glad that the top was already done, but I must say that my heart was not into quilting it since it is not longer what I love to make. I used invisible thread throughout since I had to go back over things a lot and did not want the stitches to show. It looks good and I am glad it is finished.

A picture of the finished quilt was taken with it laying on the floor since my design wall is occupied with my blue abstract quilt. It came out pretty flat considering that I did not bother to block it. I just washed it in the washing machine and dried it in the dryer.

Now I have to make the ornaments for my daughter. I have been making her an ornament each year since she was born. I blogged about all the ones I made in this blog.

This year I am going to make her 2 ornaments of the robots in the new Star Wars movie. One is R2D2 and I am not sure of the name of the new robot. So now that the quilt is done I can concentrate on the ornaments. My daughter and her boyfriend are going to the movie the day it is released. I never knew she was into Star Wars.

Have you had people ask you to make them a quilt? Am I the only one that does not really appreciate that? I get that it is a compliment, but I find myself aggravated by the request. Maybe I need to lighten up! Maybe I just wanted to work on my abstract blue quilt…. All I can say is I am glad I made the top earlier this year or this would have been a longer adventure.

Now I need a name for it? Her name is Mary. My husband suggested “Mary’s Quilt.” He also suggested “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary!” I bet that would go over well!



  1. I've been asked to make quilts...the Carpenter's Star medallion quilt that I finished this fall -- king-sized-up from a queen-size pattern and quilted by a long-armer -- was a request of my DD for close friends of hers that are celebrating a 20th anniversary this month. It was a year+ in the making -- from tracking down a pattern, fabric, re-designing for size etc. to piecing and quilting. I worked on it in between other things. I enjoyed it. My DD paid for all the fabric, pattern, backing, batting, quilting. I donated my labour -- but I know the couple so that is my part of the gift. I like to do piecing in between original designs. It clears my head, hones my sewing machine skills, and gives me a break so when I get back to designs I am 'fresh'. :-)

  2. I bet it IS a relief to get that completed with time to spare. The quilting as you've done it works very nicely for this type of quilt and going with the invisible thread was certainly wise.

    I think I have mixed feelings about being asked to make a quilt. I guess it depends on how much control the asker wants. Generally though I think I've most liked making quilts for people because I thought a certain pattern or fabric or occasion in their life inspired me to action for them specifically. Nice to have the excuse. Otherwise, I start feeling pressured to perform to someone else's expectations and preferences which may not be mine. On the other hand, sometimes the asking comes as a surprise and can be quite flattering and rewarding to know you are giving what someone really wants. Still, there's that thing about it diverting you from what you may rather be doing and indicate that the asker has no idea of the time and money the request entails. It's a conundrum for sure!

  3. I've read where folks don't make quilts "for" people. If they want to give them a quilt they offer quilts that are already made. Of course, I'm assuming you are now making mostly art quilts. I'll be interested to see where you are going with the blue one. My quilting has almost come to a stop while I make things for Christmas.


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