Saturday, January 30, 2016

Iron frustration

My iron started leaking. First it was leaking on the steam setting now it is leaking on the dry iron setting. It is only a few years old and is a Panasonic NI E 300TR. It was recommended by someone online that does a lot of fusing because the glue does not stick to the plate. Well that is certainly true, but now it is dripping water on my ironing board and my fabric. The only way to prevent this is to empty out the water.

It was not an expensive iron. My old iron was a Rowenta and it occasionally dripped water when I did not wait long enough for it to heat up. I got a lot of fusible web on it and it was hard to clean. I donated this iron and now I am sorry that I did.

Now I have to buy a new iron. What a task! Seems most irons do not get good reviews. Not sure what to buy. I guess for now I will be using this one dry. Tried to call Panasonic customer service and they are not there on Saturdays even though online it says they are.

Any suggestions?



  1. I have had such great luck with my steam iron, going on 10 years I think, that I happily recommended it to a friend last year. After much googling, she informed me that not only is the iron no longer available, but the company is no longer in business either! Doing a little research myself, it looks like it was bought out by another company and that they carry some similar models, but who knows if they are as trouble free as my old one.

    I keep hearing people recommend Black and Decker, and not necessarily the highest price one. The theory being, they last at least as long as the more expensive models, do as good of a job and are much cheaper to replace. ;-)

    When I was researching back those 10 or so years ago, I was sure I wanted a titanium plate, but Rowenta was the only one offering it. Not only was it hugely out of my price range, there were other things about the Rowenta I didn't care for. In the end, I've decided it hasn't been that big of a deal to clean the sole plate of a regular iron on those occasions when I oops. There are lots of cleaners on the market and homemade option tips that work well. Good luck whatever you decide upon.

  2. Loved my old Black & Decker--lasted a long time, but now I buy cheap, especially thrift store irons. Don't care if they get gunked up, but I haven't found one yet that's hard to clean. When they are thrift store cheap, it's easy to toss them and get another. And I always have a spare around, 'cause I pick up another one when I toss one. Most of them get very hot and last quite a while. It's been a good solution for me.

  3. I too buy cheap irons for all the reasons Kathy said. No reason to break the bank when one can use that money for more fabric! But it is very frustrating to have to get another one.


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