Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Onto a new year

Hard to believe that 2015 is already gone.

I got some great art gifts for Christmas.

Inktense pencils, fountain pen and ink refills, small sketchbook, batik fabrics, book on dyeing and painting fabric, graphite pencil, and a view window. I also got a kindle book called "Artistic Photo Quilts" by Charlotte Zeibarth. This is a great book with good ideas on creating artistic photos to print on fabric. It uses Photoshop elements to edit photos. I have Photoshop, but did not know about all the different things she uses to create interesting artistic photos. I have been learning a lot. I also got some new perfume and some bath and body stuff.

I nabbed this tin from my parents house when I was there visiting my dad. Not sure how I will use it yet, but I love the colorful Allsorts candies on the top of it. Haven't had those since I was a kid. My husband hates licorice.

I made a quilted bookmark for my pen pal. I have had a 3rd grade pen pal since October. He has a wiener dog named Bailey and a black cat named Lucky. In his last letter he told me his favorite class was gym! I hope the bookmark will inspire him to read.

Seems that this is the time of the year when people choose a word for the year. I think I will choose the word ART for 2016. I chose it for several reasons.

  • I want to work on several art quilts this year. 
  • I want to sketch and paint in my sketchbooks.
  • I want to visit some art museums and art shows.
  • I want to read the book about Van Gogh. (Van Gogh: the Life) He is one of my favorite artists.
  • I want to eat, breathe and think ART this year.

Well now it it time to venture out into the cold and walk. I guess I will think about art while I walk!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Perfect resolution word choice for you, especially considering the array of art related Christmas gifts you received! I have that dye and paint book but haven't looked through it for a long time. I remember it being a good one.

    You had so many distractions last year, yet still managed some very good art. You deserve a year of art immersion - it will be exciting for us to follow. :-)

  2. Sheila, as always thank you for your sincere and encouraging comments. I just need to get motivated to get moving. Too easy to sit back and do nothing. I did start to read the Van Gogh book. I am liking it so far. Makes me want to go to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam to see his work again. The dyeing and painting book looks good. It was on a maybe list I had at Amazon. I sent a different list to my husband with things I really wanted, but somehow he got the maybe list. Not sure how that happened.

  3. Love the little bookmark. I wouldn't worry too much about gym being a 3rd graders favorite subject... it's better than lunch being a favorite subject! Lots of interesting Christmas presents. Enjoy all the wonderful finds. And, yes, I hope you do have a wonderful Art year.


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