Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Now the fun part

I hate basting a quilt whether it is for machine or hand quilting, but I decided to tackle basting the house quilt this morning.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the Dream Poly batting. I remember what poly batting used to be like. This looks and feels like cotton. Seems to be a very nice batting. Will let you know how I like it for hand quilting.

Here is the backing and batting clamped to my cutting table.

I decided to trim the threads on the back of the top  before putting it on top of the batting. This turned out to be a monumental task. I flipped it over and noticed that you really can't see the threads from the front so I aborted this idea.

Here is the top clamped to the table and ready for basting. Things look pretty square. I think it will take several days for me to baste it. Have to give the back and neck breaks periodically.

Meanwhile I am waiting for my fabric for my Van Gogh quilt to be printed by Spoonflower. Once that comes in about 2 weeks I can get going on that quilt. I am thinking of sketching out the power plant so I am ready to work on it when the fabric arrives. Note: As soon as I published this I got a message from Spoonflower that my fabric has been printed and shipped! Should have it in a week.

I am also signed up for EB's new abstract class that starts this Friday at Academy of Quilting.  So it looks like I will be busy.

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  1. You are a brave woman to hand quilt the house quilt... said the woman who has, two hand quilting projects which are not progressing at all. I wish you much better perseverance than me!


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