Sunday, November 9, 2008

Table Runner Finished

Actually I finished the table runner last weekend, but I did not get a chance to take any photos until today. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I think the person that I have in mind to receive it this Christmas will like it. Now I have the problem with coming up with a title for the quilt that is not mundane and boring.

We just got back from visiting my daughter in Boston over the weekend. It was really good to see her and we had a great time. We are back in NJ and I miss her already. It seems she is having a pretty good semester at MIT and she seems very happy. We took her out for some really good meals and treated her to a visit to the aquarium. All the history in Boston and she wanted to go to the aquarium! It was a pretty good aquarium and we all enjoyed it. I guess if my husband and I want to see some of the historic sites we will have to do that on our own. She makes a face every time we mention doing something historic like walking the freedom trail. I think the lack of interest in this kind of thing goes back to a really boring submarine tour my husband dragged us to when she was about 6 years old. I think she thinks that all historic tours are going to be boring. Well maybe that is only her opinion of USA tours. She loved the tours of castles in Ireland and Scotland. We did a lot of walking around Boston and Cambridge so I hope I burned up enough calories to loose a pound or two. I guess I will know tomorrow morning when I get weighed.

I should figure out if Boston has any quilt stores to visit. I am sure my family would hate visiting a quilt store!

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