Sunday, October 28, 2018

All steam (or stitch) ahead!

"Light in Darkness" 36 in by 36 in
Here's the feedback from EB (Elizabeth Barton) on my quilt. EB: I’m back in New York for a couple of days and have a decent signal here so can see the piece correctly and I think it looks just right!! You got it!!!  A nice balance, very the play of light..and the illusions created by it...the Sense of lost and’ve done an amazing job...
So stitch away!!  I’ll go back to your previous post with the other image....very well done...I love it!  E 

 Here's the other design. This is the quilt that I will work on next. She suggested that I rotate the image and shift the dark parts to the bottom. Also to simplify things and make sure I have some negative space for the eye to rest.

Here is the image rotated 90 degrees and it does seem to be better. What do you think? I know this will be a challenge, but I am mentally ready for it!

Thanks for reading. I am busy making a birthday cake for my husband today so I probably won't get to do any sewing.

Besides I'm still basking in the praise from EB!!!!!


Friday, October 26, 2018

Am I finally there?

Boy this last circle on this design has been quite a challenge. The lower right circle was not in the original composition that I started with. This design started as a pixelated image of a photo that I turned into gray scale and put into a fragment app on my iPad. This happened while playing around watching TV.

So you might ask what was so hard about drawing a circle? Nothing if it is a perfect circle. These circles are not even close to being perfect circles. So I had to try to draw an oval shaped circle. I kept looking at it and I think it was too oval. I kept cutting off the sides and I think it is better now. It is still oval, but looks more circular than before. It bothered me so I had to change it. I am teaching a class on making an art quilt from a photo in April 2019 and one of the things I tell them is to change anything that bothers you. If it bothers you now it will bother you once the quilt is done.

I also moved the smallest circle down and near the center since it was looking like the circles were only on the right side and left side of the quilt. Something had to move toward the center. I will sew the circles down next week once I get the final feedback from EB (Elizabeth Barton), my teacher. She has been away. Any thoughts????

"Light in Darkness" 36 in by 36 in

Well then it will be time to think about my next project. It will be another pixel quilt design. I have pulled Cherrywood purple fabrics to make it. This design is also original. It is created by layering a pixel image with an abstract image. Both of them I created. It will be a challenge. The values will be extremely important. This is almost like doing one of those transparency quilts.

The Cherrywood fabrics (I might need some white)
Linking to Nina-Marie. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I did not realize....

I post things assuming that people have been following me for a while and know what I am talking about. I mention EB a lot assuming that people know who she is. Also I post a design that I am working on and assume that people know that it is an original design.  I just found out this weekend that people don't know EB and that I am not working from a commercial pattern. Wow how could I be that clueless????

First off EB is Elizabeth Barton, a great art quilter and teacher. Here is her blog.  I first found out about her when she ran a class at Quilt University. Remember Quilt University? I took a lot of classes there. I took everything EB taught there which included Inspired to Design, Working in a Series, and Dyeing to Design. Now she teaches at Academy of Quilting. I have taken a few classes with her there as well.These include Abstract Art for Quilt Makers and Mod Improv.  The abstract art class is where my pixel series originated. You can see those quilts under the tab at the top of my blog.

Along the way EB ran her own year long master class. I took it the first time it was offered in 2014. Each month we got a lesson and had to make a quilt. This is where my energy/environmental series started. You can see the link on one of the tabs at the top of my blog. Well this year she offered an independent study master class which I am currently taking. I have improved a lot since 2014. This year I have 3 finished quilts and am working on finishing the 4th. I will probably make one more quilt this year. So 5 art quilts in a year is pretty good. Some of these quilts have been on the back burner for years. That's one of the reasons I took the year long class. I wanted to finally get motivated to make these quilts. Here they are in the order in which they were made. All of them are original designs.


"When the Dark Night Seems Endless"

"Taking its Toll"

Currently  I am working on finishing my circle pixel quilt. Again this is an original design.

"Light in Darkness" (tentative title)

I think I will take on the very difficult pixel quilt as the last quilt for the year. I think I came up with this design in EB's Abstract Art for Quilt Makers class. I am going to draw it out and simplify it to see where it goes.

Thanks for reading.