Friday, April 7, 2017

Still playing

I am still playing with layering photos for the challenge. Here are some of my results....

I took my original photo from the last blog and put it into a Fragment app. Now it looks like a hot Sun in the warming!

This is one of Boston. I have incorporated some signs into the image. Can you find them?

Thoughts? I might get several printed at Spoonflower.

Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A new direction

I have been thinking about my photo art quilt ideas for the challenge. My latest idea is to make a quilt that fits in with my energy/environmental series.

I started with one of my pixel quilts and changed the hue and saturation to reds and purples.

Then I created 2 layers of coal fired plants. One is smaller in the background. 

Then I decided to write a letter on top of it to a grandchild. I am not sure if I would incorporate the writing into the fabric or quilt the letter. I have to tweek the letter to really put my thoughts about our ignoring of climate change and the harm we are doing to our planet. 

I am sure this is not my final version....just playing on my iPad with ideas. I want to actually edit it on my computer and photoshop.


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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Love the machine so far

I have played a bit with my new Janome 9400 since I got it on Friday. I am waiting for the insert for my Sew Perfect table ( to come so I can really get to work on it. It's kinda weird having it sit in the hole in the table without having the insert around it to make it flush with the table top. It is more computerized than my 6500 so there is a bit of a learning curve.
I already broke a needle because it hit the foot. I thought I had damaged the plate as well. I called the dealer and they were going to replace them for nothing. Turns out the plate was fine, but he did give me a new foot. Said I might want to take some lessons! I will if I have questions.....
It has an even feed foot which I never had before. I always had to attach a walking foot. It has the usual hopping darning foot for free motion quilting, but also has a foot that glides above the surface for free motion that does not hop. That is certainly a new sensation for me since I am used to the hopping. 

I have managed to get some pretty good free motion quilting out of it. It is a lot quieter than my 6500. The thread is isacord poly thread and a Schmetz quilting needle. Thanks for reading.