Thursday, September 13, 2018

Changing my mind....

In the last blog I said I was going to work on the pixel quilt that looked like lighted windows because I was waiting for gradient fabrics I ordered to make the floating circle pixel quilt.  Well the gradient fabrics arrived so now I guess I can change my mind and work on the circles instead of the windows. I'm sure I am not alone ino changing my mind about what I'm going to work on.

The circles

I traced this image in an iPad app to create a pattern.

Then I printed it for a full size pattern. Here's the pattern hanging on my design wall. This will be around 36 in by 36 in. This should be a bit of a challenge to make. 

Here are my gradient fabrics. I suppose I may have to use other gray, black, and white fabrics from my stash. Of course I won't know that until I start laying this out.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Decision made

I decided to work on the pixel quilt that looks like windows first. I sent for some gradient fabrics to make the circle quilt so while I wait for them to arrive I will start with the windows. I do have some construction issues to work out. The white windows have curved edges. If I want to piece it the curved edges will be impossible. Should I keep those curves? I was also thinking about appliqué. If I do white on black I will have to line the white with another piece of white fabric. Maybe reverse appliqué? Any thoughts?

I did post these questions for EB. Waiting to see what she says.

Just saw this technique online....

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Space for 3 more energy/environmental quilts

We hung the toxic barrels yesterday. You can see I have room for 3 more in the series. Acid rain? Plastics? Solar? Flooded coastlines? Any ideas?

Sorry about the angle the photo had to be taken from, but it's at the top of the stairs and I can't get a straight on photo.

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