Sunday, December 14, 2008

Body Parts to Stuff

I am making some progress on the mayor and now have some body parts to stuff tonight while I watch TV. I have sewn his body, his head, his arms, and the tall part of his hat. Once I have them stuffed I will sew his arms to his body and then make his jacket and white collar for his shirt. I think making the clothing will be a lot easier than making his head was.

He has two different faces on his head so I have to attach his head so that it can rotate around to show the other face. I am thinking of using a snap for that. I hope that works because I do not have another idea.

Making the tall part of his hat was really difficult because it is so skinny. I tried to make it in cotton, but I could not turn it. I did not have any knit black fabric so I used a pair of sweat pants that had gotten too short after they were washed. I hate when that happens, but at least I found another use for the fabric.


  1. Make sure you post pictures along the way as you make the Mayor. He is very interesting. I can't think of any other way to allow his head to turn... a snap makes a lot of sense! Good luck. B.

  2. Bonnie, Actually I sewed the snap on last night and it does work!

  3. You could have tried a small doll joint. I use them to make my bear heads movable. The snap idea sounds great too.

  4. Jude, That is a good idea, but I did not have any of those since I have not ventured into bear making. I always wanted to make bears though. I did have snaps. The doll joint would have been hidden better.


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