Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Projects Crunch Time

Now that my classes are done for the semester and I only have to give some final exams next week, I can really start to work on my holiday projects. What do I have to do at this point?

  1. Make the mayor (from the Nightmare Before Christmas) ornament for my daughter. I just drafted a rough pattern of the mayor's body and will starting to sew that today. I think I may try to create his body as a paper piecing pattern. Once I have his body sewn I will design his clothing. In the movie his jacket fits really snugly so I need to know how fat he will be once he is stuffed in order to get his jacket size right. My husband says that the mayor is probably the hardest ornament I ever made my daughter and I think he may be right. I will figure it out even it it takes me till Christmas Eve to finish it!
  2. Work on the "Bagpiper Quilt" for my husband. I am making a mini double Irish chain. I am going to put his silhouette as a bagpiper in the center block and put the words of some song around the border. I started to design it with EQ6 and I started piecing the blocks yesterday. They are going to be made in blues and white. Blue is his favorite color. The size of the blocks is 5 inches and the overall size of the quilt with borders should work out to about 36 inches by 36 inches. I got the chance to sew on my new sewing table yesterday and it was wonderful!
  3. Sew some labels on some quilts for gifts.

Now that does not sound like too bad of a list! That is if we still had a month to Christmas.... Now if I could just find some elves to clean my house and make the cookies. Actually I don't make the lovely husband does.


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