Sunday, February 1, 2009

Main Parts of the Landscape are in Place


The main aspects of the landscape are in place. Most of the fine detail will have to be thread painted/quilted. At this point I am going to leave it on my design wall to “marinate” for a few days and look at it again to decide if there are any more fabrics I have to add.

So here is my plan:

  • I will iron the pieces in place and use invisible thread to secure the edges of the pieces.
  • I will draw in the many tree branches and background trees with a water soluble pen so I will have some kind of plan when I stitch them in by machine. At that point I do want to add some dried leaves with fabric to the branches in the foreground.
  • Once I do that I will square up the top and add borders.
  • After that I will add batting and backing and do the quilting/ thread painting. I usually thread paint during the quilting process. I seem to have better luck doing it that way. I just have to remember to keep all the stitching fairly even so the quilt will be flat.
  • Then I will bind the quilt and wash it. Yes I always wash my quilts even my landscapes.

Go, Steelers!!! ( I am from Pittsburgh.)



  1. Wow, wow ,wow! Your work is so inspiring to me!! I LOVE this! I can't wait to see the final results!

  2. this is fabulous! please take some more in-progress photos as you go along and then post to the group so we can watch, please--i'd like to see how the leaves go in--

  3. I am loving this one, I look forward to trying one myself.

  4. I love your landscape piece! It is coming along beautifully.
    AND The Steelers won the Super Bowl!
    I am a PA gal myself and had to add that.


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