Monday, March 2, 2009

Square Dance is Basted

We had another snow day in NJ and my college canceled classes. I worked on getting my square dance quilt pin basted so that I can machine quilt it on Friday.


It takes me forever to pin baste a quilt because I have to give my back, neck, and shoulders several breaks along the way. Since this is a just going to be a lap quilt, I think I am not going to be doing any fancy quilting. Lap quilts in my house take a lot of wear and tear and basically a great deal of abuse. So I guess I don’t want to do too much quilting on something that will be pretty much worn out in about 15 years. In fact this quilt is supposed to replace one of our current shredded lap quilts.

I am trying a batting that is cotton and bamboo for this quilt. It seems really soft. I did wash and dry it to shrink it before I put it in this quilt. I did not really want this quilt to shrink anymore after it was quilted.

I hope you all didn’t get too much snow today. The end of winter can’t some soon enough for me!


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