Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pink Portal and Turkey

More or less finished my third portal. I decided to try something more abstract this time and use up some of my pink, peach and purple solids. Pink and purple are not my favorite colors so I am going to have to stock up on kona green and blues for future portals.

The shear "fabrics" are painted dryer sheets. There is also some pink tulle over the window and lace in other parts of the piece. The grid in the window is the plastic netting that a turkey breast came in. Last night we had turkey and I managed to get perfect grid for my window.

It was a bit out of my usual experiences to use something like food netting, but it definitely was not hard to sew it into place.

I did have a hard time getting good pictures of it. Hope you all are having a good Sunday. It is really hot here in NJ today. Hard to believe a week ago we were freezing.



  1. Very fun! It's interesting to think outside the fabric shelf for your supplies. You start to look at everything in terms of what you can do with it. I've been saving onion bags. I know they will come in handy someday.

  2. You did some pretty creative stuff!

  3. The netting (turkey girdle) looks good. I'm not sure which is the painted. Overall the piece is so interesting. We had a guest speaker at our guild last week showing quilts she had done over the past few years. She used many found items... and I am sure she would have loved the turkey girdle! I've used the that type of netting and onion bag type when I've done hand dying. Also if the right size they can go around bigger spools of thread so the threads don't unravel. Nice job on your portal. B.

  4. This is great Chris! And I love that you used the turkey netting! That really adds a cool touch! You did a great job with the colors, especially since they aren't your favorites! Really pretty!

  5. The netting immediately caught my eye - so perfect! That is, if you had a gothic leaded glass window in mind. :-)

    So far, I've only used fruit bag netting which is similar as a resist or to rub over. Have yet to find a piece I want to actually incorporate the netting into...but some day I'm sure.

  6. Great job Chris! I bet you are looking forward to being able to
    have some time to yourself. Good luck with your house class! Shirley


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