Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Panda Progress

I got sidetracked painting my front door, but I have finally worked on my panda quilt some more.  The bamboo pieces and leaves are not sewn on yet, but you can see the quilt is moving along.




  1. This is looking great! Keep at it! So what color did you paint your door?

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    I painted the door a dark red. I started out with a Behr paint, but after 5 coats the color was still uneven and blotchy. I went to Benjamin Moore and bought one of their factory mixed reds called Heritage Red and it covered so much better. One coat almost did the job. I still need one more coat, but it has been too hot to paint and leave the door open. I wish I had abandoned the Behr paint much sooner. Oh well live and learn.


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