Friday, November 1, 2013

Need Help

I am making a challenge quilt for the 15 by 15 group that I belong to. The theme is CONNECTED. I have a digital fabric that I created last summer with an "image" of the moon on it. My quilt will be called "Connected to the Moon." I thought about quilting moon phrases on the quilt. Things like once in a blue moon, over the moon, shoot for the moon, crying for the moon, to the moon, Alice, etc.

Here is a photo of the fabric. 

Do you have any suggestions on how I should do this? I would think that I want the sayings to be subtle so to not distract from the fabric and the image which is why I thought of stitching them as quilting.

Or do you think I should cut the fabric up in some way and incorporate other fabric with the sayings on them...either stamped or printed to make the quilt? The size of the moon on the original fabric is 8.5 in in diameter. The fabric itself is 15 in by 19.5 in and must be trimmed to 15 by 15 so the final quilt is square.

Or should I just quilt it as is and get rid of the notion of using words?

Thanks for reading and your suggestions.



  1. That's a tough one - it's such a beautiful piece of fabric as is. I don't think I would want to detract from the moon image itself - the focal point - by cutting up the fabric to add text that is stamped or printed. I like the idea of quilting in the text. You could just run one saying after another across the fabric in line after line that would work like background stippling or radiate the lines of text out from the moon. I'd try a dark grey thread that would read pretty much the same regardless of whether it was going over a dark or lighter area. Not sure I'd quilt anything over the moon itself, unless the thread matched very closely. My two cents worth! Oh, and since it sound like you are comfortable with software manipulations, you could use the layers function in whatever program you used to create this fabric to try out some of these ideas over your digital image on the computer.

  2. I agree, the fabric is beautiful I would quilt the phrases into the "sky" fabric, too. The other option would be to make a layer of type with a thermofax and print it very subtly onto the sky areas -- OR digitally print the words on sheer organza and fuse then stitch down. Search for TypeDrawing for a web-based software site that can help you arrange type easily -- also available as an app for iphone or iPad


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