Thursday, March 20, 2014

Submission, feedback, slight adjustment

I thank all of you that gave me feedback on my last blog. I decided to go with a black, white and red theme based on the feedback. I worked really hard on the quilt today because the deadline to submit the blocked out quilt was by midnight tonight.

If you recall this was my sketch. We had to make a quilt that we made before and turn it into a line quilt. I blogged about it here.

I played with colors in Photoshop as well as Electric Quilt and came up with this quilt to submit to Elizabeth Barton. Electric Quilt was a big help in choosing the kinds of fabrics to use.

The size of the quilt is 16 in by 20 in. This was dictated by the black and white fabric amount that I had.

This was EB feedback:

“This little beauty is 16" by 20".  I very much like the fabric choices...introducing the black with the white figures was an excellent idea...the widths of all the strips and the colours all look fine.  I'm just not sure about the one red diagonal  - are we getting an idea of the strips blowing upwards in the wind??  I think it might work better if it parallels the other much more subtle diagonal...which would relate it better to the rest of the quilt...also you could push the outward movement slightly more on the bottom of the black/white one that is beginning to head off in a wayward direction....

so pulling it together a little more - creating just a tad more unity...and make that one strip less of a stra (what is a stra?) and more part of the whole.  Otherwise, great!!!”

So I adjusted the angle of the red diagonal. Do you think this looks better? I think it does. Funny EB did not notice that “weird” angle in the original sketch. I guess sometime it does not show itself until you do it in fabric. Was there something else I missed in terms of unity and pulling it together more?

I did not notice this issue with the red diagonal at all. Once again I was creating the sketch from the actual angles of the trees in the original quilt. Another lesson learned.

Another thing I have been doing lately is using Totally Stable fusible tear away stabilizer to create my pattern pieces. It is thin enough to trace the pieces without using a light box. I iron misty fuse onto the back of the fabric piece and then iron the totally stable pattern pieces onto the front of the fabric and cut out the pieces. It went very fast and was much easier than using freezer paper.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

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  1. Oh! I like this very much -- even the red diagonal! And yes...the bit of white-on-black is a great touch. :-)

  2. I wondered the same thing when I read EB's comment--why didn't she notice in the sketch? I hypothesized that it was more obvious in th contrasting red. I do like your modification.

  3. Hi, Chris. Hmmm. See, I like the original sharp diagonal because it is a bit surprising, it carries the eye up. In any case, nothing like black and red for drama!
    best, nadia

  4. Been thinking on this one. I too wanted to know why EB didn't notice the angle in the sketch. I think changing it makes the design say something different - they both have a voice and something to say. That being said, the second version more gently leads your eye off the edge of the quilt. The first holds your attention there; as Nadia said, I think it more interesting and surprising. I think you did a good job with the colors.


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