Monday, May 19, 2014

“Misty Morning Piper”

Received my feedback from Elizabeth Barton about my fog quilt.


This is what she said:

“The quilt is 18" x 28" .  I think it's takes you a while to see the little figure and that's good!!  And the scale is great - the figure being small makes the trees look very tall and the forest quite deep.
I love the misty effect you've achieved.  I can't see any changes you need to make, it's really very nice.”

This is what one of the students in the class said:

“Student 4, your quilt is amazing! That bagpiper in the distance is perfect!”

The trees are just hanging on the quilt by the “skin of their teeth.” I have to take this off of my design wall and stitch everything down. There are some slight changes I want to make to it, but I guess it is pretty much done. I can’t believe how fast this class has gotten me to work. Normally I would have taken days or weeks to lay this out. I did this in one afternoon.

So how do you think I did showing fog? Did you have to search for the piper?

Thanks for reading and commenting.



  1. This one just took on a life of its own. Yes, i knew to look for the piper and saw him in the mist. Fabrics/colors are just perfect. I love the quiet feeling it evokes.

  2. Couldn't believe it wasn't a photograph or at least a sketch. So that should tell you how good it is! Carry on...

  3. Another wonderful quilt. you're really growing as an artist.

  4. This is a simply marvellous piece, Chris! You struck just the right note with that piper in the mist. Congratulations!!

  5. This is wonderful Chris. The fog looks realistic -- I'm thinking I need to brush the moisture off of me while looking at your fog! And the piper -- that too is wonderful -- it must be your hubby playing a misty morning. Every time I come to your blog I am amazed at your talent.


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