Friday, May 16, 2014

Over the rainbow

We had our second rainbow this week!! Rainbows are pretty rare in New Jersey and to have two in one week is very rare indeed. It is not like Hawaii where you pretty much get to see one every day. The first rainbow was a double rainbow. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of that one. Here are photos of the second rainbow.

I have been dyeing fabrics for my fog quilt and am ready to start working on it today.

I tried to create a mottled gradated background for the quilt going from light to dark to simulate the fog. I made several attempts at this and settled on using this one.  On my ride to school the other day we had thick fog so I had a chance to really observe it. I think this fabric will work.








I have a bunch of other fabrics dyed and ready to go for the trees.






Should be interesting to see how this looks once I add in the trees. My pattern has been enlarged from Staples yesterday and is not going to be a large quilt this time. This is only about 18 in by 28 in. The blocked out quilt is due by the 20th so I better get to work.

Sometimes I regret taking this master class with all the deadlines. I have learned a lot and have really enjoyed it, but sometimes I just want to do nothing.

Your question for today is: Have you ever signed up for a class, challenge, or exchange that you then regretted? Or maybe you decided to make a quilt for someone and then regretted your decision? Or did you give someone a quilt and they did not really appreciate it and you regretted giving them the quilt?

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  1. It's the deadlines - hate them. It's why I don't really like commissions either. Plus the fact I never think its good enough (oh those insecurities issues again:-(
    The good thing is you are getting out of your comfort zone and broadening your horizons while getting a lot accomplished ( even though you would rather just sit and surf quilting blogs)

    Your fog quilt sounds great! Can't wait to see it progress and I will be watching - there, now you even have more pressure :-)

  2. Yes to all!

    Love your gray hand-dyes. What are you using to produce them?

    Ah, deadlines. A blessing and a curse. Sometimes I think my wanting to do nothing when up against a deadline is just a push back, my contrary nature coming to the fore. Once I am without a deadline, I'm full of motivation and energy!

  3. I have a hard time saying no when someone wants a baby quilt or something, then have to force myself to finish it. It is so much more fun to just play with my art, then HAVE to make something. Your fog trees are going to be amazing, the fabrics are very subtle and I can't wait to see it.


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