Monday, August 18, 2014

Stacks done…onto the smoke

I tried painting a piece of fabric for my red orange sky this morning, but it did not come out as I hoped. So I decided to shrink my pattern a bit to get it to fit on the piece that I painted last year.

I worked on the stacks and cooling towers. I decide not to use what my daughter called comical fabrics for the stacks. I went with a mix of blacks and dark grays. This is just the bottom part of the quilt. Will post again when I have the smoke done.

The cable guy just left. We are not getting a channel that we are supposed to be getting. Weird that it is just one channel. He could not figure out the problem on our end. Looks like it is going to be escalated up to the next level. Probably a coding error I am thinking, but what would I know? Gotta love Comcast.

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  1. Good fabric choice. It's hard to adjust sometimes, once you have your mind set or your sketch done, but I so often let the size or amount of available fabric drive my design decisions.

  2. Chris, your efforts in EB's class buoy me up as I am in the last week of her Abstract Art for Quilt Makers class and wrestling to design a piece. Hang in there! I like that sky!


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