Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First “mindless” sewing project of retirement

I was going to make a tote bag that I have a kit for, but got distracted by some house blocks that I have had sitting around for a while. I guess retirement is going to be full of distractions! The 6 smaller blocks in the center are from an exchange last year and the 4 larger Halloween houses are from an online sewing day about 5 years ago. The point was to make something without templates or a pattern. Yesterday I decided to put these blocks to rest and do something with them.


I know the small exchange blocks are not Halloween except for my little house, but I thought “what the heck let’s just use these up.”

I will be using up scraps of batting and some more of my Halloween stash for the binding and backing. That makes me feel really good. 

This will be used in our new house as a table runner in October. It is 22 in by 40 in so will be a nice size.

You know I said “mindless” sewing. I guess I was not really focusing because I made several mistakes and had to do more ripping than I am used to. Yikes…better pay more attention!



Thanks for reading.

What are you working on today?



  1. That is cute. Good way to use up the blocks that have been patiently waiting for your attention.
    NancyB in AZ

  2. Oh yes - it is a danger to be too mindless when working on things that we think will be a no-brainer. I've done the same myself. Nice job of making these diverse blocks work together.

    I'm taking a break from sewing today and trying out gessoing some cracker'll have to check the blog soon to see what that's all about!

  3. Enjoy retirement! It is nice to have time to balance relax and sew with push to deadlines.

    I felt with time at retirement a little like I had felt with money when I started working. There was so much...but surprise. There wasn't that much. I've had to limit BOM and QAL type activities since then.

    The houses are turning out cute.


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