Thursday, February 26, 2015

A girl can change her mind can’t she?


This has been a crazy week in terms of working on my Amish bed quilt. After I posted last week I decided that I hated it. There were just too many colors all smushed together. I tried a few other things with it and decided to abandon it for now and make something else. I think I will eventually make a lap quilt out of the blocks. It is now packed away so I don’t have to look at it.


Back in 2012 I won 50 yards of fabrics in the online shop hop. These were one yard cuts of 50 different Art Gallery fabrics. While it was wonderful to win the fabrics they were not fabrics that I would have chosen. I have mainly used them on the backs of art quilts. But 50 yards is a lot of fabric. I decided to try to use up a lot of them in this king size bed quilt for our new house. There are less colors than in my Amish quilt. This is pretty much pinks, greens, some blues, and neutrals such as beige/brown and gray. That is what they gave me. Do you think I should use some yellow?


I decided to try Anita Grossman Solomon's technique to create the arrowhead block. She has shown this in one of her books as well as on her Craftsy class. I want to make this as a blended quilt with low contrast since I like that look. Before washing fabrics I decided to try making a block with some fabrics that I had on hand to see how the technique when and was happy with the results. This is not a block I will be using in the quilt since I did not wash the fabric before making it and I did wash the fabrics for the quilt.

Here is my practice block…it is pretty wild. Using her technique you cut out 2 squares and put them right sides together, sew 2 seams, make 2 cuts and you have all the pieces you need to make the block. It went pretty fast. Of course the quilt would have 121 blocks in it so it will take some time.







Blended quilts are a challenge since the goal is to have low contrast in the blocks and have some blocks with more contrast than others. I have make one other blended wall quilt that I hung for Christmas one year and never took it down. I wish I had made that inner border less dark than it is, but can’t change that now.






My husband caught our cat going after my Valentine’s day roses. They are pretty droopy. Check out the sequence of photos. These cracked me up.









Thanks for reading. Have you changed your mind about a project that was not going well or did you just forge ahead? Have you ever felt like just chucking the whole thing into the garbage? Have you ever done that?


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  1. Your cat is clearly having fun! I like the arrowhead block- and that marbled pink and yellow fabric is great. Good luck with your big quilt!!


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