Friday, February 20, 2015

A wonderful wall of color!

Well I now have 20 blocks done and 36 to go! This is not necessarily the final location of the 20 blocks that are done, but my entire design wall is filled at this point. I guess I will have to lay out all 56 blocks on my living room floor and hope that no one asks to see my house until I get the rows sewn together. Or maybe I will have to tag them.

I sent the photo to my husband and he said, “That is one eyeful of color.  I started to hallucinate when I stared at it too long!” I guess I am bringing him back to the 60’s.  That’s a good place to be…incense, peppermint…born to be wild…sergeant pepper’s lonely hearts club band…they call me mellow yellow…I could go on and on.



I do wonder what people think when they come through our house and see all of the quilts. I think just about every room has a quilt or 2 on the walls.  Even one of the bathrooms has a quilt on the wall. Plus some are on beds. Could be they don’t even notice….

I ordered and received my border and backing fabrics from 1000 bolts only one nut. They were only $4.99 per yard and look wonderful and are of a good quality. The borders are Bella solids and the backing is P&B textiles. So I hope to be ready to send this off to longarm quilter before long.

Well now to sew some more blocks. Have you ever ordered fabric from 1000 bolts? What is your favorite song or band from the 60’s?

Linking to Nina-Marie. I was shocked when I looked at the latest stats on my blog. I had about 150 hits yesterday and more than 300 today.  I have never had 100 hits or more in a day. So if you have been checking out my blog thanks for doing that.

Weather Monday for 2/23 will be about precipitation…. snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain and rain.



  1. This is great! I love all those colors and jewel tones! No hallucinations here :)

  2. This is stunning! Definitely can cause hallucinations, so I'm going with the good old Grateful Dead for my favorite band.

  3. Love the Ocean Waves. When house hunting I always like to see quilts. And, I've been known to take photos too.

  4. Wow! That is fantastic! Gosh yes, trying to keep going with your quilting while your house is for sale and being shown can be quite the challenge, but I can't imagine most buyers expect the house to look like no one actually is living in it. It's just the realtors that want everything staged a certain way imo. I bet people do notice the quilts - especially the one in the bathroom!

    There is a way to orderly stack the blocks for assembly once you've figured out the arrangement. You just have to be careful not to turn the stack on the way to the sewing machine. E-mail me if you want to know more.

    Favorite song from the 60's? I suppose most anything the Beatles were doing early on like If I Fell and This Boy. They had such lush harmonies that really appealed to me and often the sweet innocence of young love. Sigh... ;-)

    No - have never ordered from 1000 bolts but you make a good case for it!

  5. Those colors caught my eye. Can't say that I found myself hallucinating, but my eyes do feel like they are vibrating.

    I was a huge Janis Joplin fan, bit of a Dead Head and went to sleep every night of my Freshman year in college listening to Tea for Tillerman album by the artist formally known as Cat Stevens.


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