Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to my roots (at least for a while)

I started out as a traditional quilter and had a period of about 6 years where I did l a lot of mini quilts.

There were many from that period that I gave away as gifts, but also many that I still have. Unfortunately a lot were made before digital cameras and I don’t have pictures of many of them.


Last Rose of Summer

 The Last Rose of Summer

Unfortunately I gave this to a person that got angry with me because I stopped having her cut my hair. I wonder if she destroyed the quilt! She would be just the type of person to get out her scissors and cut it into bits.






Small antique repro fabrics

Made with repro fabrics and was the first quilt I made on my Janome about 10 years ago. No title.








quilt shop

Kelsey’s Quilt Shop

Made this from a quilt I saw in miniature quilt magazine. Made it for my daughter. The log cabin quilt has 1/2 inch blocks and 9 pieces. Most of this was paper pieced. I made it because she saw it in the magazine and loved it.







The log cabin quilt up close.









 Scotland the Brave

Made for my husband who is a bagpiper. That is him in the center of the quilt and the words are to his favorite bagpiping song. This one was hand quilted mostly because I was afraid to free motion quilt it! It was the first time I hand quilted in a long time and it was enjoyable.





So in preparation for moving in with my MIL in May I decided to make something that I can hand quilt while there. I am working on a repro quilt again from fabrics that I have had around for a while. The HST blocks are only 1 1/2 inches. This definitely calls for great accuracy.



Here is a picture of the pattern. My fabrics are a little different than those shown. My husband will love this quilt because he loves blues. It will be 39 in by 39 in.







Here is what I have done so far which is about 80 HST. I plan on fusing the appliqué since I am not really a hand appliqué girl. My husband’s bagpiping quilt was fused and it worked out fine. I guess the quilt police would not be happy with that. Oh well.

I still love the repro fabrics. I like the grayed subdued look of them. I think I will enjoy hand quilting this while living with my MIL. It will certainly help the stress.


The stress of selling out house has increased since last weekend when we got an offer. Their lawyer is all ready being a pain.

Do you still have repro fabrics around? Do you love or hate them? Do you still do hand quilting?

Hope on over to Nina-Marie to see what she is doing.  I am linking a day early because I will be busy tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Almost forgot about the hawk that we had near our bird feeders last weekend. Not another bird in sight!



  1. A lovely retrospective. I do hope that first one wasn't cut up. I can see why that beautiful hawk is keeping the birds away, great photo.

  2. As always, nice to see some of your older works, your quilting roots. Love the design you chose to quilt in the white spaces of the bagpiper quilt.

    I have an embarrassingly large stash of reproduction fabrics in all color ranges due to belonging to Keepsake Quilters medley of the month club for so long. Hard to pick a favorite, but I used to be more drawn to the pinks and browns than I am now. I too love the blues and greys. But overall, the repros don't make my heart pitter patter like they once did.

    I also still have several Miniature Quilts magazines and some miniature patterns saved from other magazines in my files. There is or was a real fascination with the smaller scale, and perhaps the thought that they will go more quickly than a larger quilt. Or maybe it was the challenge - I sure liked fussy work at one time and paper piecing was often employed.

    Well, you answered my question about hand appliqueing on your new project - guess it's not a stress reliever like it is for me! I've hand appliqued a block in the pattern that's in the middle of this quilt but a fused one will look just fine too. More hst! I'm always amazed at how many of them it takes on even the simplest pattern. I think this will be good for your interim time. I haven't hand quilted for awhile but still love it when I make the time - have a wall hanging from a Suzanne Marshall class that is waiting for me to get back to it. Started the hand quilting a long time ago, then life intervened!


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