Monday, March 9, 2015

You were expecting weather Monday?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am going to be too busy to continue doing that each Monday. Each one took a really long time to write.

We sold our house over the weekend and now the real craziness starts! The contract is now in attorney review. Then comes the inspections to figure out what is wrong with the house and then getting rid of stuff and moving. We are moving in with my MIL in mid May until our house is done being built. That should happen in August. Not thrilled about having to move twice, but nothing can be done about that.

I did manage to get the lap quilt quilted and binding sewn on. Today I have to stitch the binding to the back and then wash the quilt.

Went to the Mancuso Jersey Fest quilt show yesterday. It was good to get out of the house and get inspired. I did buy some fabrics at the show.

The black and white pieces are done with thickened dyes. This is a technique I have not tried yet although I do have the materials. The one even looks like a winter scene with distant trees and a lone person walking in the foreground.


The FQ bundle is shot fabrics made by Oakshot in England. These are amazing.



Here is a side view of the stack. One of the threads is black to create these great colors. Not sure what I will do with them, but they called my name.






The quilts for the most part were pretty fantastic. Although I must say that quilters that do a lot of machine quilting should block their quilts. I hate wall quilts that have all kinds of massive ripples in them. It is hard to appreciate a quilt when Mt Everest is staring at you in the center of the quilt.

Here are some of the quilts that caught my eye. This wall quilt won for best wall quilt. It was fantastic. How do you come up with ideas like this?




They had the 50 shades of gray quilts and this one caught my eye. I like the illusion that makes it look 3D.




I liked this one of a girl.



This next one was digitally manipulated from several images and then digitally printed and quilted.



I thought this Mariner’s compass was interesting.



I love Japanese indigo fabrics and this one caught my eye.


Well at least I won’t have any appointments today to show the house. So I won’t have to dust the floors today!

Thanks for reading. What are you up to this Monday?


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  1. Yes! I knew it would sell fast. My sympathy is with you. The next few weeks will be very stressful. Keep your eye on the goal.
    That quilt show must have been a treat. You needed that.


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