Monday, April 27, 2015

More ideas for abstract quilts

Sheila of Idaho Beauty suggested that I take the variations on my abstract quilt from my last blog and put them together into one quilt. Great idea!! Why didn’t I think of that?







Here are some variations on putting them together.


One: Same orientation for all four variations.










Two: Flipping, rotating horizontally and vertically.










Three: Same as two, but cropping to get it off center.










Four: Rotating, stretching, and changing orientation.










Five: Skewed.










Six: Distorted









At this point I realized I could keep going and going and going with variations. There are a lot of possibilities with these 4 blocks combined! This will warrant more playing in Photoshop as well as in EQ.

Well onto the next lesson. This time we get to play with photos and pixelate them to get something abstract.

Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan  A forest with sunlight coming into it from the upper left. Would need some wonderful gradations for this! I guess a good excuse to do some dyeing. I love the colors.







Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan

How about stretching it to have rectangles rather than squares?









Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan

How about distorting it with a liquefy filter?









Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan

How about changing the colors?










How about making one from some fabric I created?









stained glass

This was the fabric that gave the image above after pixelating, stretching, rotating, distorting, and using patchwork filter.






It is amazing how much you can come up with starting with a simple idea and design.

What do you think? Should I make any of these into a quilt?

Thanks for reading. We sold our bedroom furniture over the weekend so now I know we are really moving!


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  1. And this is the problem - endless variations! Exciting what the skewing and distorting does.

    I've tried the pixelate filter in my program and find it pretty interesting. However, I've not made anything based on a pixelation yet.


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