Friday, May 8, 2015

What is the cost of a quilt?

Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan I really liked my pixelated abstract design. It seems to call out to me to make it in Cherrywood fabrics. I love these fabrics and have used them in the past. I first used them in the Halloween quilt you see at the top of my blog.







Trick or Treat4

You can see them in the border (grays and blues) as well as the ground (the browns). The only trouble with the fabrics is they are expensive since they are hand dyes and they are only sold in bundles. I looked at their website to see what the total would be. The pictures below are the bundles I am considering.














I would have the fabrics that I would need and a bunch of extras. The total is 48 fat quarters which means 12 yards of fabric. The total cost is $216 which makes it almost $18 per yard. That price per yard does not freak me out, but that’s a lot of fabric!

Or maybe I should get to dyeing some fabric.

What do you think? It would look wonderful in Cherrywoods!




Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan In case you are wondering where this pixelated image come from….It was from a photo that I turned into fabric using a bunch of filters in Photoshop. I did have the fabric printed at Spoonflower. I thought about just having my pixilated image printed, cutting out the squares and sewing them back together….the cheaters way! It would be a lot cheaper….

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Septic update: our soil passed the soil test. Now onto the next steps.



  1. You're right! Cherrywood fabric would be perfect for your pixelated image (a wonderful design, by the way)! I was thinking shot cottons for mine, but I don't know if I'll be able to find enough gradations per color family...

  2. Oh my - what a luscious grouping. But I noted that several of them were color runs I've done myself. The difference with Cherry Woods is that the fabric looks sueded plus they do get a less textured mottling than I usually can. Perhaps you could investigate alternate base fabrics than you are using for your own dyeing. Most companies like Pro-Chem and Darma sell swatches of all their fabric for dyeing.

    Then again,if the price per yard isn't bothering you (and actually, it is quite reasonable for hand-dyes), perhaps you should indulge yourself. Yes, you will probably have a lot left over but oh, what beautiful ones.

    Gosh, if you go to the trouble of having your pixelated version printed on fabric, why bother to cut it up and resew it? Treat it as true cheater cloth and just quilt the seams in! ;-)

  3. Cherrywood fabric has its own color and texture. It looks like suede to me. I've dyed fabric and mine doesn't have that look at all. On the other hand mine are brighter and more crinkled giving it mottled look which is what I wanted at the time.

    Love the design.

  4. It's a different direction but you might look around for some ombré fabrics.


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