Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New house

I am short on what kinds of quilty things to blog about since everything is packed. We are still dealing with septic stuff. It is very hard getting quotes to do the work. My husband thinks they are all in bed together…the towns that get all the fees, the engineers that also inspect and pass or fail systems so they get jobs, and the contractors that are friends with the engineers. We got an estimate from someone that was $3000 less than another estimate from one of his friends and was told by our engineer that that was unethical. So to me it seems that there is price fixing going on and he did not like the contractor that did not play with the rest of them. And we can’t do anything about this at all.

We got some pictures of our new house sent to us from the designer. These were taken last week and hopefully they got the roof shingles on before all this rain started. The house will have medium  gray siding, gray and brown stone, and dark blue front door and shutters.



Sometimes I wonder if we are ever going to get out of our current house….

Thanks for reading.



  1. You will get out...and then in the new house. It is hard to keep your spirits up when so many seem to be tearing them down. How strange that a contractor can't bid a job less than the others. Why bother asking for bids? I think your husband may have the answer.

    I am sending positive thoughts your way.
    NancyB in AZ

  2. Hard to have much to say when in transition like this. I knew you were downsizing but the pic of the new place shows just how much! Love the dormers.

  3. From the images the new house seems to become a beautiful house with space for a nice sewingroom.
    I would love to follow your work with the Hawaiian quilt.
    Hoping for the best for you.

  4. I sympathize...but having never been involved in building a house from scratch (for exactly the reasons you state)...all I can do is send a hug over cyber-space, and yes, know that this too will pass! How about fondling some fabric in an LQS somewhere, and buying just enough to do some hexies or something by hand... Or a new sketchbook and supplies in which to draft some new quilty ideas...Comfort food for textile artists! :-)


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