Saturday, October 17, 2015

Getting ready for Halloween

I decided to make a Halloween quilt to get myself back in the groove of quilting. I washed and ironed the fabrics this morning and will start cutting this afternoon.

We already have 2 Halloween quilts hung. The first is the one that is on my banner and the second one is a scrap quilt that hangs year round.

Trick or Treat1

Halloween scrap quilt

I pulled out some of our Halloween decorations. Some old Halloween cookie cutters on display.

The wooden house, ghosts and cat were cut out by my husband and painted by me. We have a few antique pumpkins.




The pumpkin bag was painted by my daughter when she was really young. I think it could have been preschool.







A few more decorations to get out and we will be in the Halloween spirit in our new house!

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  1. Decorating for Halloween has never been a thing with me, although I do enjoy the kids all dressed up coming to the door. I did get snookered into working on a Halloween themed quilt once as part of a row robin group. The owner of the quilt had started with a Halloween pattern similar to yours, altering it a bit for her starter row and sent it around with her row saying we could use some of the applique designs if we wanted. I really had a lot of fun with my addition which included jack-o-lanterns and a dog pulling a cart that looked a lot like her dog. I wouldn't hang it in my house, but I think it turned out great.


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