Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pinning and getting ready to quilt

I have to take plenty of breaks when pinning a back, neck and shoulders protest if I do it for too long. I did not appreciate my younger body that never had aches and pains. I guess I took it for granted. I wish I had it back.

You can see the cross hatch marking on the blue blocks. I will quilt that with some shade of blue thread. The black borders will be cross hatched as well, but I will quilt that in black. The spacing of the cross hatch in the borders will be about twice the size of the spacing in the blue areas. I want to maintain the integrity of the black and the blue in the quilt. I do not want to darken the blue nor lighten the black with the quilting. If you have been following this quilt from the beginning you know how hard I worked to get the contrast between the blue and the black.

I am leaning toward the title "Midwinter's Night." Since this abstract quilt seems like you are looking through a window I thought that that might be a good title.  I thought about the blues of winter, the frost you see on a  window, and the long dark nights of winter.

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  1. This is lovely! Interesting to hear your quilting plans, too. I often have one idea, but it often changes after I get some stitching started. Amen to taking breaks, and avoiding the heating pad that night.

  2. I agree with you about the aging body! This winter -- quilting more than ever on larger pieces -- mine has had much to tell me too!

    I think your quilting plans for "Mid-winter" are just the right touch, and look forward to seeing the end result...subtle as you go! (There's quite a bit of white on the back; will you use that in the bobbin?)

  3. Looking really good and the backing fabric that you found is perfect! Don't you love it when that happens?

  4. One of the gifts I gave myself when we moved and I actually have studio vs. a guest bedroom retro fitted, was two work tables and two large cutting mats to cover them. No more basting on the floor! The reality is that I could have done this years ago with a collapsable 3' x 6' table. Accommodations are necessary as we age.

    Stunning piece - great movement and value placement.

  5. quilting black on black is very challenging, good luck with that, have very good lighting. This pic gives a very different perspective.

  6. I like your choice of title. Your quilt does invoke the feel of a winter's night as seen through a window. Glad to see this getting to the final stages.

  7. That title certainly works! The colors themselves remind me of the best of a winter's night. Love the idea of different sizes for the cross hatching. Very clever!


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