Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New look for the blog

For some reason yesterday I decided to change the look of my blog. Sometimes you just need a change! What do you think?

My houses are ready to sew together. In fact I have sewn one row together already and it measures 60 1/2 inches like it is supposed to! Love when that happens. Although you do get to see all your "imperfections" when you sew a patchwork block to a patchwork block.

I did switch 2 of the blocks since my last post.

I have also sewn the 88 half square triangle blocks I need in the border. Just need to trim these up and press them. It is amazing how fast the number of pieced blocks add in a border!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Like it! Both the quilt and the new blog look! :-)

  2. You're doing great on getting these blocks together. It's easy to get bogged down when you have lots of triangles to do. Are these all solids? The new blog look is great.


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