Friday, April 1, 2016

It's all coming together....

The house quilt is thread basted and ready for hand quilting. Boy that was some job. It took two days of working on it for many, many hours Sometimes I think I over baste, but I will be carrying this around for a while so I don't want it to shift too much.

Moral: I will never complain about pin basting for machine quilting ever again.

My fabrics arrived from Spoonflower. The one in the middle is my fabric for my Van Gogh inspired piece. Now I can get started on it. The one on the left is created from an abstract design I came up with last year in EB's abstract class. The one on the right is fabric I created with my ipad. I had it printed before, but this time added the white word designs. I have made a quilt from this fabric before.

Design created in EB's class using blue/green/gray squares.

Quilt made from the fabric created on my ipad.
This quilt is only 15 in by 15 in.

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  1. Um, do you want to know that a long armer can baste if for you much faster than two days and probably not all that expensive? Just a thought for your next hand quilted project -- maybe in 10 years or so?


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