Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ready to start?

I am thinking about starting the roman shade project. I have rough cut fabrics for the shades and the lining and have given them a press.This means I cut a piece off of the 8 yards of fabric that is a bit longer than what I need. This was so I could press a smaller length of fabric rather than trying to press 8 yards. Thank goodness for my big board ironing surface.

I want to press again before actually cutting to the required dimensions. I am not sure I am mentally ready to do this project, but I guess I have put if off long enough. Today I think I will cut the lining fabric and sew the tube tape to it. At least it will be a start. And to think I have to make 3 of these shades. I guess it will be easier after I have made the first one.

My mantra for today is measure, measure, measure and then measure again.

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  1. Getting small parts done each day moves the project forward. Good luck!


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