Friday, November 18, 2016

"We are Broken"

We are Broken   29 in by 29 in
I have had a lot of anxiety over the last few weeks. I got out my red and black fabrics and decided to make a quilt to work out my feelings. Not sure it really helped, but I do have a new quilt top as a result.

I am thinking of quilting the title in the borders. I think I will quilt this with some kind of red thread even in the black borders.

As usual I had a few ideas for a title.....

Eve of Destruction
We are broken

I guess I will have to be sure that "We are Broken" is the right one before quilting it in the borders.

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  1. I like that title...or even simply "Broken"...but either way, that piece certainly speaks quietly and firmly -- just right. And yes, red thread. Definitely. For impact, and for the symbolism.

  2. Another one that elicited an intake of breath when it appeared on my screen. Very powerful even without the story behind it. We are all dealing with anxiety and whether or not you think working on this quilt helped that, it at least kept you occupied and probably was more therapeutic than you realize. I know that's just what I did - head to the studio and got to work to bring my focus closer to home and on things I can control - well sort of control. :-)

    Frankly I'm surprised at how much hope I have and the energy that has appeared for my own projects and other things important to me now that the election is finally over. Hang in there!

  3. Oh yeah - and I agree with everything Margaret mentioned including the shortening of the title.

  4. Stunning, Chris. Broken you may feel, but there is strength and determination in this piece.


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