Friday, January 20, 2017

Another week gone by

Not too much accomplished this week. I did pick out fabrics for my "Toxic still/spill life."

Here is a small sample of the fabrics that I pulled from my stash as potentials for the quilt.

My daughter got me a kit for Christmas. The background is hand dyed wool and the fabrics for the circles are cotton, velvet, decorator fabrics.I started turning under circles to be hand appliqued to the wool. The circles have a diameter of 1.5 inches and there are 70 of them. After the circles are appliqued they are then stitched with pearl cotton with fancy embroidery stitches. This should give me plenty of handwork to do at the different meetings that I go to.

I am still debating about taking out the hand quilting in my house quilt and sending it out to be machine quilted. The issues with my neck and my wrist are making me consider this. I have way less than 1/4 of it done.

I wish I had decided to do that from the beginning.

I did that one other time. I started hand quilting this blue and white fan quilt for my daughter and decided after doing about 6 blocks that I did not want to hand quilt it. So I ripped out the hand quilting and sent it out to be quilted. If I had not done that it would probably still be sitting around waiting to be finished.

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  1. I love your choice for the still love, Toxic. The fabrics you've chosen should be perfect.
    I hear you about hand quilting. I used to do a lot, but after elbow surgery several years ago, I cannot do it. I have a queen sized quilt that has about four blocks quilted and I cannot finish it. It is all marked and basted. I never thought about taking out the quilting and sending it out. I'll have to haul it out again and look at it.

  2. Just love the colors you currated for your piece--this will be lovely--hopped on over from Nina Marie's today hugs, Julierose

  3. The choices for the toxic quilt are perfect! Eileen

  4. Definitely laughing.. I'm not sure I'll pull out the stitches but I have 2 different quilts in the process of (not) being hand quilted. WHAT was I thinking? The quilt is very nice. Maybe it would make sense to pull out the 6 blocks and get it done. Your fabric pull for the toxic waste are going to look so much like the photos I have seen of waste.


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