Saturday, July 1, 2017

Circles sewn down

I have finished handstitching the circles on the hand dyed wool for the kit that my daughter gave me for Christmas. I am not much of a hand appliqué person so they are not perfect. I was surprised how some of the fabrics shrink up more than others making some of the circles smaller. The embroidery stitches that I will do around them will certainly compensate for that. I have picked out some threads for the embroidery as you can see in the second photo. Maybe that's too many? Should I leave out the blues? 

Did I mention that I am not much of an embroidery person either? I guess I will be learning some new skills!

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  1. I love the fact that you are not a "hand applique" or "Embroidery" person but you are still willing to do it. Talk about stepping outside the box :D Good for you

  2. Oh no - not too many colors at all and if something were to be omitted, it would not be the blue in my opinion. I think these colors will make for a rich and interesting quilt.

  3. Looks good. I like your color choices. Now to read the more recent blog to see what you decided to do!


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