Friday, July 7, 2017

Trying out embroidery

As I mentioned in my last blog I am not much of an embroidery person. Before I turned into a quilter I was a cross stitcher. Once I found quilting the cross stitch fell by the wayside. I am pretty happy on how the circles are going so far. I need to get some milliners needles for some of the stitches I want to do. The only needles I have that will accommodate pearl cottons have a wide eye area. I need some straight needles for wrap stitches such as bullion knots. The wide eye will not go through the wrapped stitches. See what I learned this week? So far I have done fly stitches, knotted fly stitches, crested chain, French knots, and Pekingese stitches. Love how these edge stitches round out my not so perfect circles!

We finally hung some quilts this week. We hung 2 of my pixel quilts. The red one is called "Broken" and was made last November. The blue green one is called "Sunlight in the Forest." I don't think I ever posted many images of "Broken."

Well now these 2 quilts are off of the floor in my sewing room. I caught my cat sleeping on them more than once.  Linking to Nina-Marie at

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  1. Love your little circles- so cool to see the fun embroidery stitches but the fabric choices give the whole thing such a fun contemporary feel! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the reds in "Broken"; looks like fire to me.

  3. Your embroidery looks great. I would love to know which stitch is Pekingese. I had a Peke dog when I was in high school. Love all the different stitches you are using.

  4. Ohhh, the embroidery adds so much! Glad to see the two quilts hung. Broken is so striking!


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