Monday, April 16, 2018

Done! Just added some more photos to show the quilting better.

"When the Dark Night Seems Endless"
Linking to Nina-Marie.

I finished the canal houses. It is 28 inches by 56 inches. It took quite a few days to quilt it since I can only quilt for short spurts due to neck and shoulder issues. I decided not to add the trees and the railing since both my daughter and I did not think they added anything to the design.  The title is from a line from a Loreena McKennit song called Dante's Prayer.

 Now I have to sew on the 2 sleeves and hang it up. I will be showing it at my fiber art group tonight along with the fracking quilt.  Onto the next project!



  1. It's a beautiful piece of work, Chris! And I agree with your decision not to add the trees and/or railings. :-)

  2. Wonderful quilt! I can't stop spinning stories in my mind about what might be happening in the image.

  3. Really love this piece, have since you first started showing the idea. You've taken it to completion magnificently! Now that I see how you quilted it, I can see why you were obsessing about straight lines!

  4. Superbe toutes mes félicitations

  5. I'm moving from beginning of May back through your posts. It's amazing to see the canal houses up close. Your quilting really enhances the block of houses. Excellent job.


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