Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate squaring up a large quilt

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It is especially difficult when you have long verticals as in the tall canal houses that you need to keep vertical. I have measured and measured and measured again. I think at this point it is pretty good. There are places that are off by 1/8 inch, but I am not going to worry about that. Do you find squaring up a quilt easy or hard? I am always worried that I am going to mess it up. You can only trim so many times.....

Now to do my next least favorite things....face the quilt and then sew on sleeves.  

Do you have a great way to share on how to square up a large quilt? I have long rulers and a large 15 inch square, but still find it hard. This canal house quilt is about 29 in by 54 in before adding the facing. Of course adding on the facing will also introduce small errors since it is nearly impossible to sew perfectly straight!
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  1. I never enter contests, so it doesn't matter as much, but I make lots of queen/king sized quilts, and I have never squared one up. I just bind it and call it finished. Don't tell the quilt police!

  2. I use the tiles on my kitchen floor to help with squaring off work

  3. Beautiful there is so much depth to your quilt its better than a photo

  4. Essayer d'acheter Rayon Laser pour mesurer, il donne la verticale et l'horizontale,il ne reste plus qu'à couper sur la lumière du rayon. C'est aussi très pratique pour pendre une exposition en alignant super bien les quilts.

  5. Votre quilt est juste magnifique Bravo

  6. Just tackled squaring up a long and narrow wholecloth piece and I'm with you. When the piece is bigger than your cutting mat, when there are no blocks or border seams to use as guides, it is very tricky to keep everything right. I think I pretty much did the same as you - butting several different rulers and checking with a tape measure before cutting. I decided the prudent thing to do would be to chalk in the cutting line so if a measurement ended up being off because a ruler had not been placed square, I could just chalk a more accurate line. I've heard of people using a big metal square like woodworkers use to mark the corners. I pondered using chalked string stretched and snapped to transfer the mark. But in the end, it was rulers and tape measure.


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