Thursday, July 5, 2018

Labels done!

Well I think I have the labels done. Now to move onto stenciling the numbers. I have some tweaking to do with the placement of the lids, but we are nearing the end of this! Some of the lid angles need adjusting.

Toxic barrels

Now I have to come up with a title....

I have been pondering this. I have also been thinking about how to quilt it.

The road that leads to nowhere 
Profitable pollution
Human arrogance
Song for a dying planet
Time to wake up
How's this working?
We say we care
Do we really care?
Evolution's end
Progress came and took it's toll
How much is enough?
Mercy, mercy me

Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm drawn to "Taking Its Toll" for the title. The longer version you wrote would work too but I'm beginning to think brevity for my own titles. Leave some room for the viewer's imagination to get to work.


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