Friday, October 12, 2018

TIme to sew

circles is 36 in by 36 in
I wish the colors would come out accurately for this quilt. It is not this beige. The fabrics are more silver or gray. The whites are actually white.

Well I think I need to get moving on sewing the background together for this quilt. I have put it off long enough. I think if I take it slow and focus on accuracy I will be OK. On the other hand I might be pulling out my hair!

At any rate having it sitting on my design wall will not get it done. I just have to do it. Usually I find that once I get going it was not as bad as I anticipated.

Do you ever have to convince yourself to get moving on something? I have a hard time getting started on a new project. Then sometimes I have a hard time moving onto the next step during a project.  Is it a fear of failure? I suppose that is what it is. Or making a mistake. I often have that fear when I have created a great quilt top and I worry about messing up the quilt when I quilt it. Maybe I will make a bad decision on the quilting and turn a good design into a bad one. Do others have this fear?

I think at least I have gotten over one of the things I used to do. When I would start a project I would think that I am going to create the best quilt ever. Then of course that does not happen and I am disappointed. Now I realize I am just making another quilt.

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Thanks for reading. Wish me luck with the sewing.



  1. When I find myself procrastinating, it's usually my subconscious telling me that something in my pattern/plan is not yet "right". I think about it over night, or over two nights, and my mind often sorts it out.
    Pat F in Winnipeg

  2. Good luck! I go through ALL those stages. I'm particularly fearful when I get to the make it or break it quilting part. At some point in each snagged stage, I realize I just have to take a deep breath and plunge in. As you say, all those pieces on the design wall aren't going to put themselves together. :-)


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