Sunday, February 3, 2019

Quilt was featured in the local newspaper

My rusted toxic barrel quilt was featured in our local newspaper on Friday. How cool is that?  We went to the opening of the show on Friday night. It's a very small gallery and not many people were there. 2 artists were going to talk about the artwork, but we had to leave to go to a wrestling match so I did not hear their comments. A lot of the artwork was very cool and interesting. There were a lot of political and environmental statements being made by the artists.

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  1. Things have been happening in your quilting life. I love your lion. Congrats on the showing of your quilts at Bellefonte and your current exhibit. People don't really understand the time involved in making quilts and pricing seems (to them) to be outrageous. In reality you need to be paid for your time, your creativity and your technical ability to produce your ideas. Hum, I bet your lion quilt would sell in your area!

  2. Congratulations, Chris! You are, as Bonnie pointed out, on a roll! Best wishes for all that comes your way this year!

  3. SO awesome your quilt was in the newspaper! Hope the show goes well!


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